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Cabbies' health the focus of smartphone app trial

Stressed at work? Tired of sitting down? You could go for a run or a long walk, or maybe just lie in a park. But it's not so easy if you are a taxi driver and any time out means missing the chance of a fare. Taxi drivers ...

dateFeb 08, 2017 in Software
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How robots will change the workforce

Thirty of the world's top scientists are scheduled to meet at the University of California at San Diego in February to discuss the toughest challenges in robotics and automation, including how to make driverless cars safe ...

dateDec 28, 2016 in Robotics
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Hungary votes to allow blocks on ride-sharing apps

Hungary's parliament on Monday approved legislation allowing authorities to block ride-sharing apps and websites like Uber for up to a year if they continue to operate without the necessary permits after being fined.

dateJun 13, 2016 in Business
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