Study: Heat wave led to unprecedented melt of Swiss glaciers

Switzerland's glaciers are melting like never before, an academic study released Wednesday found, with their ice volume declining by 6% this year amid rising concerns about global warming and a summer heat wave that swept ...

Moths are major pollinators for clover

A team of researchers from Aarhus University and the Institute for Integrative Biology, ETH Zürich, has found that moths are major clover pollinators. In their paper published in the journal Biology Letters, the group describes ...

Giant tooth of ancient marine reptile discovered in Alps

The fossils of three ichthyosaurs—giant marine reptiles that patrolled primordial oceans—have been discovered high up in the Swiss Alps, and include the largest ever tooth found for the species, a study said Thursday.

Climate change sees Swiss Alps add over 1,000 lakes: study

Climate change has dramatically altered the Swiss Alp landscape—at a quicker pace than expected—as melting glaciers have created more than 1,000 new lakes across in the mountains, a study published Monday showed.

Tracing water from river to aquifer

A new technique using dissolved noble gas tracers sheds light on how water moves through an aquifer, with implications for water resources and their vulnerability to climate change.

Geotextiles could slow glacial melt, but at what cost?

In the Swiss Alps, some ski resorts and glacial tourist attractions are using reflective blankets known as geotextiles to protect parts of glaciers from accelerated summer melt caused by global warming. These businesses' ...

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