How Canada can make its startup ecosystem more inclusive

The global pandemic caused devastating economic impacts, including high levels of unemployment. As with the 2008 recession, self-employment has been encouraged as a pathway towards economic participation and boosting the ...

Job crafting is key to improving crowdworking, says study

Busy writing texts, programming software or developing logos, crowdworkers have emerged as a small but growing part of the modern labor market. Task-oriented freelancers offer their services on online platforms. They usually ...

A troubling reaction to school violence compounds the crisis

High school students who experience violence or bullying at school are more likely to bring weapons like a gun, knife, or club to school than those who have not experienced violence, according to a new study in the American ...

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Social support

Social support is the physical and emotional comfort given to us by our family, friends, co-workers and others. It is knowing that we are part of a community of people who love and care for us, and value and think well of us. Social support is a way of categorizing the rewards of communication in a particular circumstance. An important aspect of support is that a message or communicative experience does not constitute support unless the receiver views it as such.

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