Why boredom can be great for kids

"I'm bored!" It's a phrase parents and caregivers work tirelessly to avoid hearing, but it may be the gateway to unleashing a child's creativity, social development and even life skills.

Invasive ants spread by hitchhiking on everyday vehicles

Insects are masters of transportation and get around by flying, crawling, swimming, burrowing, and even gliding. Now, ants have been observed using a new method of getting around: hitchhiking. These social insects pack up ...

Family-friendly workplaces benefit employees, businesses

Paid leave and employee well-being are the focus of a three-part policy series on family-friendly business practices put together by the Brown School's Clark-Fox Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.

Study finds women are vulnerable in post-war peace processes

Post-war peace processes are a dangerous period for women. Many are forced to live close to men who committed serious abuse during the war or are expected to testify in various types of truth commissions, which can be both ...

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