More support needed for pollination services in agriculture

The global decline of pollinators threatens the reproductive success of 90 per cent of all wild plants globally and the yield of 85 per cent of the world's most important crops. Pollinators—mainly bees and other insects—contribute ...

Helping India's smallholder farmers

To help smallholder farmers in India—farmers who own farms less than five acres in size—simply planting more crops is not enough, on its own, to provide year-round nutrition and the necessary food security.

Climate-resilience of rural chicken is in the genes

The genetic make-up of indigenous chickens has changed to better cope with climatic challenges, giving hope to future breeding of more productive and climate-resilient livestock, a study in Ethiopia has found.

Breeding a better chickpea

Chickpeas are an important crop and food in India. They are used almost every day in meals and snacks. India is the largest producer, consumer, and importer of chickpeas. And with good reason—they are high in protein, fiber, ...

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