AI to lighten the load in the fight against bushfires

Snapping a picture on your next bushwalk could help predict and prevent devastating bushfires, thanks to a new innovative mobile phone app, NOBURN, powered by AI developed by University of Adelaide experts.

Orbiting astronaut oversees robot team on Earth

Astronaut Frank Rubio aboard the International Space Station collaborated with a small team of robots on Earth to accomplish a complex task—a first test of a new approach to combine human and robotic capabilities for our ...

Do shared life experiences make it harder to understand others?

Understanding each other's thoughts and feelings is a vital component of successful relationships. For example, when we're discussing emotional or stressful situations with other people, our intuition may tell us that someone ...

Rare 4000-year comets can cause meteor showers on Earth

Comets that circle the Sun in very elongated orbits spread their debris so thin along their orbit or eject it out of the solar system altogether so that their meteor showers are hard to detect. From a new meteor shower survey ...

World-leading CubeSat satellites launched

UNSW Canberra Space's M2 CubeSat satellites successfully launched with Rocket Lab's "They Go Up So Fast' mission from New Zealand earlier today, representing a significant step forward in Australia's sovereign space capabilities.

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