Researchers discover 'missing' piece of Hawaii's formation

An oceanic plateau has been observed for the first time in the Earth's lower mantle, 800 kilometers deep underneath Eastern Siberia, pushing Hawaii's birthplace back to 100 million years, says a Michigan State University ...

Deep-seated tectonic genesis of large earthquakes in North China

North China is one of the areas of strong earthquake activity on the Chinese mainland. Between the 1960s and 1970s, North China experienced the 1966 Xingtai Ms7.2, 1969 Bohai Ms7.4, 1975 Haicheng Ms7.3 and 1976 Tangshan Ms7.8 ...

Dissection of the 2015 Bonin deep earthquake

Researchers at Tohoku University's Department of Geophysics, have been studying the deep earthquake which occurred on May 30, 2015, to the west of Japan's Bonin Islands.

Seismic 'CT scans' reveal deep earth dynamics

A new look 100 miles beneath a massive tectonic plate as it dives under North America has helped clarify the subduction process that generates earthquakes, volcanoes and the rise of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest.

Origins of Red Sea's mysterious 'cannon earthquakes' revealed

For many generations, Bedouin people living in the Abu Dabbab area on the Egyptian Red Sea coast have heard distinct noises—like the rumbling of a quarry blast or cannon shot—accompanying small earthquakes in the region. ...