2020 hurricanes breezing through the alphabet

There have been so many Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms this year that the world is running out of names for them, the United Nations said Tuesday.

As fires rage, climate change is back on the election agenda

This was supposed to be the election year when climate change finally became a priority for American voters. And then the world, along with the 2020 election, was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with climate change ...

The consequences of spraying fire retardants on wildfires

Wildfires started burning in California early again this dry season—more than two million acres have burned so far. Larger and larger wildfires are occurring as new heat records are being broken each year.

Female bats brave risky conditions for their young

The daily activity patterns of animals are influenced by a variety of different factors. Understanding how animals distribute their activity over the day, an important part of their behavior, provides valuable insights into ...

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