Greenhouse gas, sea levels at record in 2021: NOAA

Earth's concentration of greenhouse gases and sea levels hit new highs in 2021, a US government report said Wednesday, showing that climate change keeps surging ahead despite renewed efforts to curb emissions.

Zombie ice from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches

Greenland's rapidly melting ice sheet will eventually raise global sea level by at least 10.6 inches (27 centimeters)—more than twice as much as previously forecast—according to a study published Monday.

What could we do to cool the Arctic, specifically?

The Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the world, and in some areas as much as seven times. That's according to new research by a group of Norwegian scientists. This effect, dubbed "Arctic amplification," ...

How the Earth is changing across different ecosystems

Climate change is a complicated phenomenon with a variety of both abrupt and gradual effects that scientists are working hard to uncover. Emerging findings on how various ecosystems are responding to a changing climate, stemming ...

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