Teachers make Frankensteel during Materials Camp at MIT

Ten high school teachers spent a week at MIT in July designing and making Frankensteel, a self-healing material inspired by the villain in the Terminator 2 movie. Next up: they aim to recreate the calculations and experiments ...

Climate change education is failing our youth

"What are you studying at Columbia?" my friend asks as she helps me pack for my move from North Dakota to New York City. "Climate and Society," I promptly respond.

How to teach climate science

The big glitch in California's new science education standards, which focus heavily on climate change, is that few schoolteachers have the background to conduct lessons on the subject, says Kelley Le, director of the UCI ...

Einstein was 'wrong,' not your science teacher

"Your teacher was wrong!" It's a phrase many a high school or university student has heard. As practicing and former science teachers, we have been challenged with this accusation before.

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