Feds want boats to slow down to protect whales

The Savannah River meets the Atlantic Ocean at Fort Pulaski National Monument, the brick citadel built to guard this port city in the years before the Civil War.

Revolutionary find: 19 cannons in river likely sunk in 1779

A warehouse along the Savannah River is holding historical treasures that evidence suggests remained lost for more than 240 years—a cache of 19 cannons that researchers suspect came from British ships scuttled to the river ...

Plutonium-238 to help power Perseverance on Mars

After its long journey to Mars beginning this summer, NASA's Perseverance rover will be powered across the planet's surface in part by plutonium produced at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Teaching wild birds to sing a new tune

Like toddlers learning to speak, young birds learn to sing by listening to the voices of adults. Now, researchers reporting in Current Biology on October 4 have shown for the first time that they could teach young sparrows ...

African killifish becomes fastest maturing vertebrate on record

Annual killifish are known to live their lives at one of two speeds: "pause" or "fast-forward." For most of the year, the tiny freshwater fish persist as diapausing embryos buried in sediments across the African savannah, ...

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