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Curiosity rover faces its toughest climb yet on Mars

On Aug. 5, NASA's Curiosity rover will notch its 11th year on Mars by doing what it does best: studying the Red Planet's surface. The intrepid bot recently investigated a location nicknamed "Jau" that is pockmarked with dozens ...

New source of fire records gives a bigger picture of the risks

Sand dunes are not an obvious place to find high-quality fire records. For a start, anyone who walks on the forested sand dunes of South-East Queensland will be impressed by the intensity of ant activity at their feet. The ...

Scientists discover fire records embedded within sand dunes

Knowing how the frequency and intensity of wildfires has changed over time offers scientists a glimpse into Earth's past landscapes, as well as an understanding of future climate change impacts. To reconstruct fire records, ...

A new origin story for Burns formation on Mars

There is a reason that NASA's Opportunity rover explored Mars's Meridiani Planum region for 14 years: The locale could hold crucial hints about the Red Planet's early geology and environment.

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