Origin of the saffron crocus traced back to Greece

The origin of C. sativus has long been the subject of speculation and research, as this knowledge would enable breeders to introduce genetic diversity into the otherwise genetically uniform plant species. Two new studies ...

Moroccan saffron farmers battle knockoff spices

Saffron farmers in southern Morocco have long taken pride in the coveted spice they produce from the purple-petalled Crocus sativus, but some are worried knockoff versions are threatening their business.

Red gold: Afghanistan saffron production grows

Starting before dawn has even broken, Afghanistan's army of saffron pickers shift their way across sun-baked fields to pluck the brightly coloured crocuses that are providing the country's farmers with a new means of income.

Saffron – how to tell the real deal from a fake

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison from the University of Leicester Department of Genetics has outlined some of the key ways to tell real saffron from fake, with the real deal providing a unique experience for the senses.

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