EU walks farming minefield with new climate goals

The EU's climate goals for 2040 are set to further dial up the pressure on a farm sector that has yet to get tough on greenhouse gas emissions—but is already up in arms over existing environmental rules.

Why do so many people choose not to report rape?

Why do so many people choose not to report rape? Research shows that the trauma of talking about the abuse as well as owning one's own narrative of what happened can be crucial.

Brazil court rules for Indigenous land rights in key case

A lopsided majority of Brazil's Supreme Court ruled Thursday against an effort to restrict native peoples' rights to protected reservations on their ancestral lands, in a win for Indigenous activists and climate campaigners.

Many don't know key facts about US Constitution, study finds

Many Americans do not know what rights are protected under the First Amendment and a substantial number cannot name all three branches of government, according to the 2023 Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey.

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