Thinking about polyamory? You're not the only one

Polyamory—being open to having more than one romantic partner at the same time, with everyone's knowledge and consent—is on the rise, particularly among people below the age of 45.

Life goals and their changes drive success, says study

"Where is my life going?" "Who do I want to be?" As future-thinkers, adolescents spend significant time contemplating these types of questions about their life goals. A new study from the University of Houston shows that ...

Study reveals the dating psychology of incels

A new study published in The Journal of Sex Research has revealed the complex world of involuntary celibacy, providing important insights into the challenges faced by a growing community of men known as incels.

Predicting an end to your relationship

Breaking up, making up, or waking up to the fact that your partner is thinking about leaving you have long been grist for songwriters, but the ups and downs of romantic relationships have also fueled psychology research.

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