Researchers achieve 51.5dB nonreciprocal isolation

Chinese researchers achieved 51.5dB nonreciprocal isolation in the atomic ensemble, which is the highest isolation ratio in the non-magnetic nonreciprocal field. They discussed the quantum noise problem in nonreciprocal devices ...

Shifting toward 'open peer review'

Twenty years ago, it was difficult to find information about local restaurants, except from the restaurants themselves. Now, thanks to the Internet, independent evaluations are easy to find. It's past time we make that the ...

Is grant review feedback perceived as fair or useful?

An important function of the grant peer review process is to provide constructive feedback to applicants for their resubmissions. However, little is known about whether review feedback achieves this goal.

6 tips to help you detect fake science news

I'm a professor of chemistry, have a Ph.D. and conduct my own scientific research, yet when consuming media, even I frequently need to ask myself: "Is this science or is it fiction?"

Even satisfied employees don't always produce better audits

Accounting firms that overwork their employees are less likely to produce high-quality audits—even if the employees are satisfied with their careers, according to new research from the University at Buffalo School of Management.

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