Tracing the origin of solar macrospicules

Solar spicules are small-scale, beam-like, cold-plasma-ejected phenomena that constitute an important component of the chromosphere. Macrospicules are chromospheric spicules at a larger spatial scale.

NASA missions find 'jetlets' could power the solar wind

Scientists with NASA's Parker Solar Probe mission have uncovered significant new clues about the origins of the solar wind—a continual stream of charged particles released from the Sun that fills the solar system.

Video: 133 days on the sun

This video chronicles solar activity from Aug. 12 to Dec. 22, 2022, as captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). From its orbit in space around Earth, SDO has steadily imaged the sun in 4K x 4K resolution for nearly ...

Decoding mega magnetic explosions outside the solar system

Neutron stars and black holes may be stellar corpses, but they are among the most active celestial objects. They produce some of the highest-energy radiation ever observed, and scientists have long puzzled over the physics ...

Small solar flares in large laser bodies

Using 12 high-powered lasers, researchers recreated small solar flares in order to study the mechanisms behind a fundamental astronomical phenomenon known as a magnetic reconnection.

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