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HD video from the moon in near real time

A new optical modem, capable of sending high-definition quality video significantly faster than standard radio frequency systems, is being developed for NASA's Orion spacecraft. The hardware, offered by LGS Innovations, is ...

dateNov 12, 2018 in Space Exploration
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Better chocolate with mobile technology

Smart farming uses technology to access real-time information on crop yields and soil-mapping, fertiliser application, weather data, and intelligent assessment and so improve agricultural efficiency and crop yields. However, ...

dateNov 08, 2018 in Other
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Explore climate change with new app  

This year's long, hot summer led many of us to wonder if it was a sign of things to come and whether we could anticipate similar summer heat every year. Now, a scientist from the University of East Anglia (UEA) has used his ...

dateSep 26, 2018 in Environment
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Making space exploration real – on Earth

You are on a rock speeding through space. On this rock called Earth every single mineral tells you something about planetary formation. This week astronauts and space engineers will unlock the mystery of those minerals as ...

dateSep 05, 2018 in Space Exploration
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