Closer to a simple and efficient method of quantum encryption

Banks and government departments are already investing heavily in quantum encryption that relies on laser beams. However, laser beams often release several photons at once or none at all. A team at Hebrew University developed ...

Quantum dots provide complete control of photons

By emitting photons from a quantum dot at the top of a micropyramid, researchers at Linköping University are creating a polarized light source for such things as energy-saving computer screens and wiretap-proof communications.

NSA eyes encryption-breaking 'quantum' machine

The US National Security Agency is making strides toward building a "quantum computer" that could break nearly any kind of encryption, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Researchers test quantum encryption hacking risk

( —Quantum communication systems offer the promise of virtually unbreakable encryption. Unlike classical encryption, which is used to send secure data over networks today and whose security depends on the difficulty ...

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