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Damage to cell membranes causes cell aging, finds new study

Our cells are surrounded by a fragile membrane that's only 5 nanometers thick, 1/20 of a soap bubble. Cells are easily damaged by physiological activities, including muscle contraction and tissue injury. To cope with such ...

The social life of mouse immune systems

Hanging out a lot with the same crowd can make immune systems of individual animals similar, even if the crowd is not related. That's according to a recent paper published in Science Advances that teased out connections between ...

Genome database for desiccation-tolerant plants released

Desiccation is typically fatal for plant vegetative tissues, but a small number of land plants have evolved vegetative desiccation tolerance (VDT), allowing them to dry without dying through a process called anhydrobiosis.

Using dust to bust crime scene DNA forensics

An airborne fraction of soil, or dust, contains biological and chemical "signatures" that act as a fingerprint to a specific location. Australian forensic science experts, led by Flinders University, have highlighted the ...

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