Official: Iran oil industry safe after cyberattack

(AP) -- An Iranian official says the country's oil industry is working well despite an attack from hackers and a computer virus that targeted the sector's computer systems.

Cyberbullying and bullying are not the same: research

University of British Columbia research comparing traditional bullying with cyberbullying finds that the dynamics of online bullying are different, suggesting that anti-bullying programs need specific interventions to target ...

Study shows family solution to teen troubles

( -- How do you keep at-risk teens off drugs and out of trouble? According to a new University of Georgia study, family can make a difference.

Family largely ignored in Canada's response to youth homelessness

The role of family in ending youth homelessness is largely ignored in Canada, according to a report released today by York University, though there is evidence that family reconnection works in Australia and the United Kingdom ...

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