New tractor beam technology could one day minimize biopsy trauma

Researchers at TMOS, the ARC Center of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems, have taken an important first step in the development of metasurface-enabled tractor beams—rays of light that can pull particles ...

NASA develops technology to dissect the lower atmosphere

The part of the atmosphere closest to the planet is the hardest to measure from space due to the volume of gases above it. Studying Earth's planetary boundary layer, or PBL, will enable scientists to better understand the ...

Figuring out how to breathe the moon's regolith

Oxygen ranks right up there as one of the most important resources for use in space exploration. Not only is it a critical component of rocket fuel, it's also necessary for astronauts to breathe anywhere outside Earth's atmosphere. ...

Big energy savings for tiny machines

Inside all of us are trillions of tiny molecular nanomachines that perform a variety of tasks necessary to keep us alive.

EU clears massive German wind farms investment

The EU on Thursday approved German government support for a massive investment of nearly 30 billion euros in new offshore wind farms, a key project as the country phases out nuclear energy.

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