First discovery in decades of blue whales near Seychelles

Blue whales are fascinating animals. At 24–30 meters in length (longer than a basketball court) they are the largest creatures on Earth. They are also among the rarest. Estimates suggest that there are only about 5,000 ...

Experts determine best way to breed frogs in captivity

Frogs belong to a group of animals called amphibians—the most endangered group of species on the planet. Two out of every five amphibian species are currently threatened with extinction, and this figure is rising.

Q&A: The impact of China's rapidly aging society

Due to its economic growth and large population, the People's Republic of China is widely viewed as a rising economic and military superpower. But declining fertility rates and increased life expectancies over the last few ...

Rising temperatures upend migratory bird habitats in Albania

Long considered a Garden of Eden for migratory birds, the Vain Lagoon along the northern Albanian coast has been increasingly abandoned by a range of species as rising temperatures wreak havoc on wetlands across the country.

Brown bear numbers grow in Pyrenees: France

The population of brown bears in the Pyrenees mountains, which had been threatened with extinction, keeps growing, French authorities said Tuesday.

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