Poor diets imperilling people and the planet: report

Nearly half the world's population suffer from poor nutrition linked to too much or not enough food, a global assessment said Tuesday with wide-ranging impacts on health and the planet.

Pesticides and poor nutrition damage animal health

The combined effects of pesticides and a lack of nutrition form a deadly one-two punch, new research from biologists at the University of California San Diego has shown for the first time.

Edible crickets can be reared on weeds and cassava plant tops

To become a sustainable alternative to meat, reared crickets must eat feeds other than the chicken feed that is most commonly used today. Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences now present a study ...

How unhealthy diets contribute to climate change and hunger

Diets are changing globally and have done so rapidly in most high-income countries, like the UK, over the last 50 years. This dietary transition is now happening in most cities of the global south, the nations of Africa, ...

New research provides clues about honey bee decline

A new study by Heather Mattila, a leading honey bee ecologist and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Wellesley College, published this April in PLOS ONE, reveals that inadequate access to pollen during larval development ...

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