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The long and short of a supergene for efficient pollination

Scientists have solved the century-old mystery of a supergene that causes efficient cross-pollination in flowers. The results show that sequence length variation at the DNA level is important for the evolution of two forms ...

Plant buddies now at odds over declining pollinators

Competition for pollinating insects may reduce the ability of plant species to coexist, according to a paper published in Nature. This effect, which may impact plant diversity, is expected to be heightened as the number of ...

Bees boost crops and could steady food prices

Supporting and enhancing pollinators could help stabilise the production of important crops like oilseeds and fruit, reducing the sort of uncertainty that causes food price spikes, new research has shown.

Gene triggers male sterility in tomato plants

Despite its culinary versatility, the humble tomato isn't known for being mysterious. But there's still plenty to learn: researchers from Japan have discovered the gene underlying male sterility in these plants.

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