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Childhood violence in Asia costs society dear

Violence against children costs countries in the East Asia and Pacific region more than $200 billion - or nearly two per cent of the area's Gross Domestic Product.

Young women's fights start on social media and move to reality

Young women who've engaged in physical fighting with other young women, particularly if they have uploaded the fight to social media, are sought by a PhD researcher for a study on the rising rates of violence by young women.

Weapons tied to repeat domestic abuse

Women are up to 83 percent more likely to experience repeat abuse by their male partners if a weapon is used in the initial abuse incident, according to a new study that has implications for victims, counselors and police.

Social bullying prevalent in children's television, study finds

Children ages 2-11 view an alarming amount of television shows that contain forms of social bullying or social aggression. Physical aggression in television for children is greatly documented, but this is the first in-depth ...

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