Songbird parents evict young for their own benefit

Parents, you might know the feeling. When kids get pushy and demanding, it's a tempting fantasy to shove them out of the house and let them survive on their own. Of course, we'd never put our babies in harm's way, but according ...

When fathers go missing, female songbirds take up the slack

A new study of a migratory songbird shows that when fathers abandon late-season nests during flight-feather molt, the nestlings suffer no ill effects; deserted females effectively double their maternal efforts and completely ...

Older beetle parents 'less flexible'

Older parents are less flexible when it comes to raising their offspring, according to a new study of beetles.

Inequity takes a toll on your gut microbes, too

People worry about having access to clean water, power, health care and healthy foods because they are essential for survival. But do they ever think about their access to microbes?

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