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'Threat multiplier': How climate change affects health

Deadlier than COVID, or even rivalling cancer? Researchers have been increasingly attempting to calculate the effect climate change will have on health if the world does not act quickly to reduce carbon emissions.

How anthropogenic disturbances drive inland water CO2 emissions

Carbon emissions from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs make up a large proportion of the global carbon cycle. Recent studies on carbon emission from inland waters in China have been focused on single lakes or rivers, and the ...

A cleaner, better way to produce single-photon emitters

RIKEN researchers have created an effective source of single photons for emerging quantum technologies by adding molecules to carbon nanotubes using a reaction that occurs in the vapor phase.

Climate Questions: Does what I do matter?

Can people's individual actions make a difference in how much carbon dioxide is emitted on an international scale? International organizations like the United Nations have called on individuals to limit their carbon footprint ...

New research reveals wastewater treatment plants can 'get sick'

Just like humans, wastewater treatment plants can get sick, due to viral attacks. Now, new research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, reveals the implications for the surrounding environment in case the plant ...

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