Populism jeopardizes democracies around the world

The rise of populism—a political argument that pits ordinary people against a corrupt, government elite—is putting democracy at risk, said Stanford scholars in a new white paper released today.

Citizens battle to save China's sickly 'mother river'

Water has been a source of death as well as a source of life for a generation in Shenqiu, a region fed by a tributary of China's heavily polluted Yangtze river and pockmarked with notorious "cancer villages".

People can see beauty in complex mathematics, study shows

Ordinary people see beauty in complex mathematical arguments in the same way they can appreciate a beautiful landscape painting or a piano sonata—and you don't need to be a mathematician to get it, a new study by Yale University ...

Medieval inks for heritage conservation

The fact that historical archives, libraries, museums, writing workshops and even monasteries, currently conserve medieval manuscripts is not only a question of heroes or ordinary people who went through the trouble to save ...

Maternal instincts don't explain the gender gap on GM foods

Studies have found that women are more skeptical of genetically modified (GM) foods than men, but little research has been done on what's responsible for that gender gap. Conventional wisdom has been that maternal instincts ...

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