High-quality microwave signals generated from tiny photonic chip

In a new Nature study, Columbia Engineering researchers have built a photonic chip that is able to produce high-quality, ultra-low-noise microwave signals using only a single laser. The compact device—a chip so small, it ...

NASA's new experimental antenna tracks deep space laser

An experimental antenna has received both radio frequency and near-infrared laser signals from NASA's Psyche spacecraft as it travels through deep space. This shows it's possible for the giant dish antennas of NASA's Deep ...

Submonolayer biolasers: Lower gain, higher sensitivity

Designing sensitive and single-use biosensors for early diagnosis remains a major challenge. Scientists in China have invented submonolayer lasers on optical fibers as ultrasensitive and disposable biosensors.

Developing a flat soliton microcomb source

Optical chip-related technology is the inevitable path to retain the validity of Moore's Law, which has become the consensus of academia and industry; it can effectively solve the speed and power consumption problems of electronic ...

Shining a light on NASA's deep space demo

NASA's Psyche mission launched on 13 October 2023 on a journey to explore what could be the exposed metallic core of an ancient planet.

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