Assessing the impact of the European Union Green Deal

A significant reduction in agricultural production in the European Union with full implementation of the Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Green Deal: that is one result of the study to assess the impact of the Green ...

'Alien' plants could pose risk to fruit bats

Led by the University of Sydney, a scientific team has analyzed the nutritional content of Christmas Island flying foxes' diets and found that introduced plant species do not provide a balanced meal.

Key factor identified that makes worms feel full after a good meal

In nematode worms, a key controller allows the worm to sense when it needs food and when it feels full, and then changes its behavior accordingly. Jennifer Tullet of the University of Kent and colleagues report these new ...

Green shoots: Rooftop farming takes off in Singapore

On the rooftop of a Singapore shopping mall, a sprawling patch of eggplants, rosemary, bananas and papayas stand in colourful contrast to the grey skyscrapers of the city-state's business district.

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