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Custom suits for worms that can deliver functional cargo

James Bond's legendary quartermaster Q provided the special agent with an endless array of tools and gadgets to help him accomplish his missions. Now, researchers from Japan have demonstrated equal prowess at equipping microscopic ...

Invasive alien species threat to Kenya

CABI has led research which prioritizes 120 potential Invasive Alien Species (IAS) that could pose a threat to agriculture and biodiversity in Kenya.

Novel natural compound helps protect against plant parasites

Plant-parasitic nematodes pose a great threat to global agriculture. To replace biohazardous nematicides, it is necessary to identify natural product-based agents to combat root-knot nematodes in agriculture that are equally ...

Calling on natural defenses to turn back banana pandemic

In the 1950s, the "Gros Michel" variety of banana was wiped out by Panama disease. The banana crop in some locations was basically eliminated by the disease of fusarium wilt, caused by a pathogen that enters the plant through ...

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