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Ozone pollution has increased in Antarctica

Ozone is a pollutant at ground level, but very high in the atmosphere's "ozone layer," it absorbs damaging ultraviolet radiation. Past studies have examined ozone levels in the Southern Hemisphere, but little is known about ...

Sand's urban role demands key part on sustainability stage

Over 20 Indonesian islands mysteriously disappear. One of the world's deadliest criminal syndicates rises to power. Eight cities the size of New York will be built every year for the next three decades. What connects them ...

Ancient food webs can chart sustainable futures

At first glance, it might seem that archaeology and ecology don't have much in common. One unearths the ancient human past; the other studies the interactions of living organisms. But taking the long view in understanding ...

Introduced honeybee may pose threat to native bees

A Curtin University study has found the introduced European honeybee could lead to native bee population decline or extinction when colonies compete for the same nectar and pollen sources in urban gardens and areas of bush.

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