Sex chromosome evolution tracked in fruit fly

( -- Fruit flies are commonly used in genetics research because their lifespan is short, they are easy to breed in the laboratory, and mutants are widely available. There are about 1,500 known species. Now a new ...

Scientists present first model of how buds grow into leaves

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes. Scientists have discovered simple rules that control leaf shape during growth. Using this 'recipe', they have developed the first computer model able to accurately emulate leaf growth ...

Why Obama's Dog Has Curly Hair? Study Finds 3 Dog Coat Genes

( -- University of Utah researchers used data from Portuguese water dogs - the breed of President Barack Obama's dog Bo - to help find a gene that gives some dogs curly hair and others long, wavy hair.

Mutant fungus threatens global wheat supply: scientists

Scientists have identified four new strains of a wheat-killing fungus that could endanger the global food supply, according to research presented Wednesday ahead of a conference in Russia.

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