How sheep grazing affects the Norwegian mountains

When animals graze, they affect the environment. They keep meadows open, their faeces fertilizes the soil, and forests yield to cultivated landscapes. But what effect does grazing have on overall biomass? Does grazing affect ...

Eye disorder may have helped Da Vinci's art: journal

A common eye disorder may help explain Leonardo Da Vinci's talent for three-dimensional representation and the sense of perspective in his mountain landscapes, according to research published in an academic journal.

Landscape evolution intrinsic to ancient mountain settings

Over the last century, scientists have struggled with a lingering question in geology: Why do the structure and elevation of some mountains continue to evolve long after the tectonic forces that formed them cease?

Prehistoric rock art maps cosmological belief

It is likely some of the most widespread and oldest art in the United States. Pieces of rock art dot the Appalachian Mountains, and research by University of Tennessee, Knoxville, anthropology professor Jan Simek finds each ...

Tornado debris study could lead to better warnings

Photos and mementoes that were snatched up and blown hundreds of miles during tornados in the south of the United States two years ago are giving researchers new insight on how debris is carried by the storms and how it could ...

Reull Vallis: A river ran through it

(—ESA's Mars Express imaged the striking upper part of the Reull Vallis region of Mars with its high-resolution stereo camera last year.

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