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Prolonged droughts likely spelled the end for Indus megacities

New research involving Cambridge University has found evidence—locked into an ancient stalagmite from a cave in the Himalayas—of a series of severe and lengthy droughts which may have upturned the Bronze Age Indus Civilization.

Complex networks help explain extreme rainfall events

Precipitation extremes are very likely to become more frequent in most locations, according to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released in February 2022. Thus, exploring extreme ...

Climate simulations redefine causes of North American monsoon

On average, western Mexico and the American Southwest receive half their rainfall for the year between July and September. The deluge is due to the weather pattern known as a monsoon—but according to a new paper by University ...

Dimming Sun's rays should be off-limits, say experts

Planetary-scale engineering schemes designed to cool Earth's surface and lessen the impact of global heating are potentially dangerous and should be blocked by governments, more than 60 policy experts and scientists said ...

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