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Could robots protect us in the surf?

Imagine there's a flock of aerial robots searching for a lost hiker. They have to cover a large area of remote bush and a central commander won't work because they're so spread out.

dateMar 06, 2019 in Robotics
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Scientists develop printable water sensor

A new, versatile plastic-composite sensor can detect tiny amounts of water. The 3-D printable material, developed by a Spanish-Israeli team of scientists, is cheap, flexible and non-toxic and changes its colour from purple ...

dateMar 05, 2019 in Materials Science
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Data as material for product design

Products and services increasingly get smarter and more interconnected, forming intelligent eco-systems that allow the generation and sharing of large amounts of data through the internet. These new data often find their ...

dateFeb 25, 2019 in Other
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Munitions at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

The bottom of the Baltic Sea is home to large quantities of sunken munitions, a legacy of the Second World War—and often very close to shore. Should we simply leave them where they are and accept the risk of their slowly ...

dateFeb 11, 2019 in Environment
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