Uber seeks U-turn on ruling UK drivers are employees

Uber launched Tuesday an attempt at England's Court of Appeal to overturn a ruling that the ride-hailing app's drivers are its workers rather than self-employed, as protestors rallied outside.

Amazon jumps out ahead of its rivals and raises wages to $15

Amazon, the business that upended the retailing industry and transformed the way we shop for just about everything, is jumping out ahead of the pack again, announcing a minimum wage of $15 an hour for its U.S. employees that ...

What Australia can learn from Fiji in reducing the working poor

Labor's calls to raise the minimum wage or other pushes to implement a universal basic income ignore Australia's system of supporting low-paid workers in other, more important, ways. These are called a "social wage" and includes ...

Uber limits driver hours in Britain to 10

US ride-hailing app Uber on Tuesday said it would cap the number of hours its drivers can work in Britain from next week in a bid to increase safety after heavy criticism of its business practices.

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