The unfolding story of a kilonova told in X-rays

Astronomers may have detected a "sonic boom" from a powerful blast known as a kilonova. This event was seen in GW170817, a merger of two neutron stars and the first object detected in both gravitational waves and electromagnetic ...

A new spin on the blue stellar sequence

Some humans try to look younger than they really are—stars do, too. This is reported by an international team of astronomers in a paper just published in Nature Astronomy.

Image: Hubble captures swirling galactic trio

The mass of dust and bright swirls of stars in this image are the distant galaxy merger IC 2431, which lies 681 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Cancer.

Binary black hole spin behavior revealed using novel techniques

Research done at Cornell University has uncovered from gravitation wave data the first potential signs of spin-orbit resonances in binary black holes, a step toward understanding the mechanisms of supernovas and other big ...

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