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University student mental health care is at the tipping point

As a new crop of students enter university, the sense of hope and promise is tangible. While students are at an exciting developmental stage, as a researcher and practising clinical consultant to university student health ...

Molecular secrets revealed: Antipsychotic docked in its receptor

Antipsychotic drugs—which transformed mental health care following their chance discovery in the mid-20th Century—may finally be poised for a long-overdue makeover incorporating structure-based design. Scientists funded ...

Night owls have larger social networks than early birds

Using anonymous mobile phone data, Aalto University doctoral researcher Talayeh Aledavood has tapped into patterns in people's behaviour. She has found out that individual 'chronotypes,' the inherent periods of sleep during ...

Flower power: gardening as therapy in Poland

An elderly woman leans over to smell a lush flowerbed of lavender in sprawling gardens surrounding an imposing early 20th-century palace in a pastoral corner of eastern Poland.

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