Huge Tonga volcanic eruption caused 'significant damage'

A massive volcanic eruption in Tonga that triggered tsunami waves around the Pacific caused "significant damage" to the island nation's capital and smothered it in dust, but the full extent was unclear with communications ...

Hurricane Ida, Europe floods made 2021 costly for disasters

Damage wrought by Hurricane Ida in the U.S. state of Louisiana and the flash floods that hit Europe last summer helped make 2021 one of the most expensive years for natural disasters, reinsurance company Munich Re said Monday.

Did a volcanic eruption in Alaska help end the Roman republic?

Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March (March 15) in 44 BC and a bloody civil war followed. This brought down the Roman republic and replaced it with a monarchy led by Caesar's nephew Octavian, who in 27 BC became ...

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