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Astronomers discover new massive quiescent galaxy

Astronomers report the discovery of a new massive and quiescent galaxy at a high redshift. The galaxy, which received designation COSMOS-1047519, was detected using the Keck I telescope. The finding was detailed in a paper ...

A giant black hole destroys a massive star

Astronomers have made a thorough forensic study of a star that was torn apart when it ventured too close to a giant black hole and then had its insides tossed out into space.

Light supergiant reveals a missing evolutionary stage

Dr. Varsha Ramachandran from the Center for Astronomy of Heidelberg University (ZAH) and her colleagues uncovered the first "stripped" star of intermediate-mass. This discovery marks a missing link in our picture of stellar ...

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List of most massive stars

This is a list of the most massive stars. The list is ordered by solar mass (1 solar mass = the mass of Earth's Sun).

Stellar mass is the most important attribute of a star. Combined with chemical compositions, mass determines a star’s luminosity, its physical size, and its ultimate fate. Due to their mass, most of the stars below will eventually go supernova or hypernova, and form black holes.

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