Black hole fashions stellar beads on a string

Astronomers have discovered one of the most powerful eruptions from a black hole ever recorded. This mega-explosion billions of years ago may help explain the formation of a striking pattern of star clusters around two massive ...

SpaceX 'Starship' launch postponed until Saturday

SpaceX has pushed back by one day the long awaited second launch of its next-generation Starship rocket because of technical issues, the company's CEO Elon Musk said Thursday.

Tracking near-Earth cosmic explosions

When massive stars or other stellar objects explode in the Earth's cosmic neighborhood, ejected debris can also reach our solar system. Traces of such events are found on Earth or the moon and can be detected using accelerator ...

Scientists find 'missing ingredient' for pink diamonds

Scientists said on Tuesday they have found the "missing ingredient" for pink diamonds, some of the world's most expensive stones due their rarity and beauty, and the discovery could help find more.

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