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Video: Fly across Mars' 'labyrinth of night' with Mars Express

Nestled between the colossal Martian "Grand Canyon" (Valles Marineris) and the tallest volcanoes in the solar system (the Tharsis region) lies Noctis Labyrinthus—a vast system of deep and steep valleys that stretches out ...

Helicopters could map the magnetic fields on Mars

A recent study published in The Planetary Science Journal examines how helicopters equipped with a magnetometer could be used to conduct magnetic field investigations within the crust of Mars, providing important insights ...

New study reveals evidence of diverse organic material on Mars

A new study featuring data from the NASA Mars Perseverance rover reports on an instrumental detection potentially consistent with organic molecules on the Martian surface, hinting toward past habitability of the Red Planet. ...

NASA's Mars helicopter went silent for six agonizing days

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars has exceeded everyone's expectations, recently completing its 51st flight when it was supposed to fly just a few times as a demonstration mission. But flights 50 and 51 almost didn't happen.

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