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NASA selects futuristic space technology concepts for early study

An astronaut steps into a body scanner and, hours later, walks on Mars in a custom-made spacesuit, breathing oxygen that was extracted from Mars' carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere. On Venus, an inflatable bird-like drone swoops ...

NASA and HeroX are crowdsourcing the search for life on Mars

For almost 60 years, robotic missions have been exploring the surface of Mars in search of potential evidence of life. More robotic missions will join in this search in the next 15 years, the first sample return from Mars ...

Steady driving toward ExoMars launch

The first simulation of the ExoMars rover driving off its landing platform closed out an incredible year of preparations as the mission now marches with confidence towards a September launch.

Widespread megaripple activity found on Martian north pole area

Megaripples, intermediate-scale bedforms caused by the action of the wind, have been studied extensively and thought to be largely inactive relics of past climates, save for a few exceptions. A new paper by Planetary Science ...

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