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Take a 3D spin on Mars and track NASA's Perseverance rover

It's the next best thing to being on Mars: Two online interactive experiences let you check out Jezero Crater—the landing site and exploration locale for NASA's Perseverance rover—without leaving our planet.

First deep drilling success for ExoMars

ESA's Rosalind Franklin twin rover on Earth has drilled down and extracted samples 1.7 meters into the ground—much deeper than any other martian rover has ever attempted.

NASA's Perseverance rover plans next sample attempt on Mars

In its search for signs of ancient microbial life on Mars, NASA's Perseverance rover is once again preparing to collect the first of many rock core samples that could eventually be brought to Earth for further study.

'Blue' and 'Gold' satellites headed to Mars in 2024

An interplanetary mission led by the University of California, Berkeley, to put two satellites—dubbed "Blue" and "Gold"—into orbit around Mars has been officially authorized to prepare for launch in October 2024.

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