Skyrmion dynamics and traverse mobility

Skyrmions could revolutionise computing exhibiting great potential in the electronic storage of information, and the key to such a breakthrough could be understanding their behaviour under applied currents.

Melting a crystal topologically

The introduction of topology, a branch of mathematics focusing on the properties of 'knots,' into physics has inspired revolutionary concepts such as topological phases of matter and topological phase transitions, which resulted ...

Quantum effect observed in 'large' metal

In the world of materials science, sometimes main discoveries can be found in unexpected places. While working on the resistivity of a type of delafossite—PdCoO2—researchers at EPFL's Laboratory of Quantum Materials discovered ...

Unraveling the magnetism of a graphene triangular flake

Graphene is a diamagnetic material, this is, unable of becoming magnetic. However, a triangular piece of graphene is predicted to be magnetic. This apparent contradiction is a consequence of "magic" shapes in the structure ...

Peeking into a world of spin-3/2 materials

Researchers have been pushing the frontiers of the quantum world for over a century. And time after time, spin has been a rich source of new physics.

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