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Indian spacecraft heads towards center of solar system

India's sun-monitoring spacecraft has crossed a landmark point on its journey to escape "the sphere of Earth's influence", its space agency said, days after the disappointment of its moon rover failing to awaken.

Chinese astronauts may build a base inside a lunar lava tube

Caves were some of humanity's first shelters. Who knows what our distant ancestors were thinking as they sought refuge there, huddling and cooking meat over a fire, maybe drawing animals on the walls. Caves protected our ...

SpaceX test fires a Raptor engine, simulating a lunar landing

When NASA astronauts return to the surface of the moon in the Artemis III mission, the plan is to use a modified SpaceX Starship as their lunar lander. NASA announced last week that SpaceX has now demonstrated an important ...

NASA to demonstrate laser communications from space station

NASA uses the International Space Station—a football field-sized spacecraft orbiting Earth—to learn more about living and working in space. For more than 20 years, the space station has provided a unique platform for ...

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