Unlocking blueberry quality: The role of cuticular waxes

Cuticular waxes protect fruit by reducing water loss and influencing color. They are a mix of very-long-chain aliphatic and cyclic compounds, varying among fruit species. In blueberries, triterpenoids and β-diketones are ...

Tracing the pawsteps of the North China leopard

The North China leopard (Panthera pardus japonensis), one of the world's nine subspecies of leopards, is endemic to China and mainly distributed in the northern parts of the nation. Due to human activities, the species has ...

Saturn-sized exoplanet isn't losing mass quickly enough

We have discovered more than 5,000 planets around other star systems. Among the veritable cosmic menagerie of exoplanets, it seems there is a real shortage of Neptune-sized planets close to their star.

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