Nine dead as Storm Eunice batters Europe

Storm Eunice killed at least nine people in Europe on Friday, pummelling Britain with record-breaking winds and forcing millions to take shelter as it disrupted flights, trains and ferries across Western Europe.

Whale migration in our noisy oceans

The long-distance migrations performed by groups of animals offer some of the most spectacular natural phenomena on our planet.

A 15-user quantum secure direct communication network

Quantum secure direct communication (QSDC) based on entanglement can directly transmit confidential information. Scientist in China explored a QSDC network based on time-energy entanglement and sum-frequency generation. The ...

How do swimmers control their front crawl swimming velocity?

A research team led by the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Tsukuba has reviewed the hydrodynamics literature related to swimming. They identified certain biomechanical aspects, including the relationship ...

Where are the foreigners of the first international age?

The Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean has long been considered by researchers to have been the 'first international age,' especially the period from 1600-1200 BC, when powerful empires from Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and ...

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